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My Changelog is where you can find information about updates I make to JBT.name. While I won't note every single tweak and change, I will try to keep a record of at least the more significant ones so that you will have up-to-date information about what is new here at my site. If you need more detailed information, consult the the metada on any given page; it may contain more specific information on when and how that page's contents were modified. And, if that doesn't satisfy you, please contact me directly; I'd be happy to help in some way.


July 10, 2015 (Friday): Anniversary Of JBT.name/World Missions Day (New Kidron)

Exciting news for the 4th anniversary of JBT.name: we're now at version 1.5! As regular visitors may know, most of the directories and content are now hidden again and/or removed. This is in preparation for the big 2.0 launch, which, if God permits, will happen sometime in the future. I do not want to speculate much on the "when" (I can't imagine it being done very soon!) because I have so many projects and—as usual—never seem to have enough time to give them all the attention they deserve. In any case, I have tried to leave the most helpful and/or most useful content available for you during what I expect will be a long wait. If you need information (or files, or whatever) from the material I have taken down, don't worry: I still have local copies of everything. Please contact me if you have any questions, need any documents, or just want to say hello! God bless!

April 5, 2015 (Sunday): Palm Sunday/Feast of Creation/National Day (New Kidron)

Another joyous feast and anniversary of New Kidron to all! After working for many months, my new project is finally done: http://uewsg.org . The UEWSG, or Uniform English Writing Style Guide, is my attempt to change the way we write for the better by—as the name suggests—adding a degree of uniformity. Today only marks the release of the first beta version, but this is a huge milestone for me. Based on this work and a lot of prayer regarding other topics, I am hoping to bring big changes to JBT.name. When? I don't know. But I think this may be one of the last—if not the last—of the updates I make to this site in its current form. Whatever happens, I pray that God blesses you as we journey through Holy Week and approach that most glorious day of all: Pascha!

February 2, 2015 (Monday): The Meeting of Christ in the Temple

I only have a few small updates at this time, as I have continued to work on one increasingly-large project; I am hoping to publish it in time for National Day, but we will have to wait and see if this is according to God's timeline or not! In the meantime, Lent is almost here, so may God bless you in this season of special asceticism!


December 25, 2014 (Thursday): The Nativity of Christ

Christ Is Born! As my main Christmas present to everyone, I've finalized and added two new recipes, one of which has been heavily requested: Clam and Oyster Chowder. Sure, it is a lenten recipe, but it is so delicious and nutritious that it's a great choice even during these days of feasting. I've also added and tweaked a lot of the Nutrition Link Page, decided to edit or take down some links in other directories, and continue to slog away at some of my other projects. That's all for now, so may the joy of the feast continue to be with you as we journey to the next, quickly-approaching Great Feast: Theophany!

October 8, 2014 (Wednesday)

While not an update in the usual sense, today marks another milestone for the website: JBT.name has been transferred to its new servers! I apologize for any disruptions that may have occured during the event. While JBT.name is still not locally hosted, I hope that will come later, if God wills. And while I have been working on some new material, other projects have taken up most my time; I don't have much in the way of brand new content for you right now. But, I will continue to pray for direction and try to move along at the pace God sets for me and my work here. May He also direct you according to His perfect will!

July 10, 2014 (Thursday): 3rd Anniversary of JBT.name/World Missions Day (New Kidron)

For the third anniversary of JBT.name, I don't have very much new content. However, I've finished up a few special projects that relate to the central goals of my website. The first is my CSS accessibility program: JBT.name now works with almost full compatibility as far back as Internet Explorer 4 (IE4)—and that is probably as far back as I will go! It also includes a few typographical enhancements for all browsers. Overall, this program has been quite an accomplishment from an accessibility perspective, especially since my CSS is now even shorter than before! The second project is licensing: I've tried to make as much of my content as accessible as possible from a legal perspective by releasing it into the public domain. However, as this is not possible under a number jurisdictions, I wanted a better solution for you or anyone else who uses my website. So, with this update, I've released all content in two additional ways; please see my Public Domain Notice for more information. I pray these changes will help you and that God will continue to bless you!

April 13, 2014 (Sunday): Palm Sunday/Feast of Creation/National Day (New Kidron)

Another joyous feast to all! In honor of the anniversary of the founding of New Kidron and all of the coinciding feasts, I have an update for you! This one is fairly wide-ranging, too. Visually, I've streamlined the styling of JBT.name in some subtle ways, addressed a few remaining Android bugs, and done a lot of work on the private areas of JBT.name. I've also taken the accessibility to a whole new level: my website has almost full compatibility as far back as Internet Explorer 5 (IE5) now; for those that know what this means, I should note that I even invented a new IE hack in the process! I've made smaller changes across my website, too, as I continue to standardize how I write numbers, units, and page titles. One of the most important projects I've been working on lately, though, are the New Kidronite Dietary Guidelines. The NKDG covers everything from nutrient recommendations to foods most people should avoid to sample meal plans; its a project I've been working on for quite a few months now. So, check out the New Kidronite Dietary Guidelines: Principles and the other parts, all now available in my Nutrition directory!

January 1, 2014 (Wednesday): New Year

Blessed new year! I have had enough time to push some site-wide updates, bug fixes, corrections, etc. I wasn't able to get many new pages up, but I should share with you one new addition: my new Favicon (.ico)! While it may look similar to the old one, it contains a higher-resolution (32 x 32 pixels) icon, too, for programs that will use it. On a similar note, I addressed an Apache/Firefox/Android bug that prevented the favicon from showing up at all for some users. Sadly, I don't think I'll get as much time to work on my website in the coming months as I have had in past years—which is hard to believe! But I hope to slow down on my near-constant travels abroad and be back here in New Kidron more regularly by this summer. Please pray for me!


December 25, 2013 (Wednesday): The Nativity of Christ

Christ Is Born! As noted before, I haven't had a lot of time recently to get work done on my website: I've been out of New Kidron most of the time on business. But I still have a few surprises! For one, my Sounds directory is open. Secondly, I made some new OpenSearch plugins and posted them in my Network directory; the directory also has a lot more pages finished and an upgraded layout. And third, I've made even more changes to the Link Page: it is far more secure and powerful now.

September 1, 2013 (Sunday): Church New Year

Before I start to get really busy on other projects for the Fall season, I have another update for you, just in time for the Church New Year! As my website is starting to get larger (it's over 300 HTML pages now!), my work is going to be harder to concisely describe, as is the case with this update. But that doesn't mean I won't try! So, to start off with, I have finally formatted and posted [what I think is] the first policy statement I've ever written. That piece, Terrorism, is almost a decade old now and provides a fascinating look into my younger mind. On a tastier note, I've been reorganizing and adding to my Nutrition directory: now you can check out the recipe for Dorito Casserole and get the full story on one of my culinary inventions, the MustardBurger. On a more technical level, I have more Programs metadata pages and, finally, the first batch—I couldn't resist the pun!—of my own scripts available for download! Most of the new stuff is in the Network directory.

To update you on projects I've been working on for a while, I have finally updated the metadata for ALL of my pages, not just the Programs directory. In an effort to make things easier to use, I've also simplified parts of my site and moved some things around. For instance, my Introduction is now in the Root directory, all Index, Introduction, and Link pages are grouped together in the various directory indexes, etc. And on my main Link Page, I've updated some of the tools and links from HTTP to HTTPS; this will make it more secure for me and for you, too, if you use that page. As always, God bless!

July 10, 2013 (Wednesday): 2nd Anniversary of JBT.name/World Missions Day (New Kidron)

This year's anniversary of JBT.name is even bigger than last's; I've been working long and hard to make this update great. To give you a sense of scale, I've modified every single page on JBT.name—some over 20 times! The first thing you may notice is a brand new image of me. If your browser window is large enough, you'll now see all of me, dressed in traditional New Kidronite garments. If you view my site with a smaller window and/or on a device with a lower resolution, don't worry: I've still got a new portrait for you to see, too; since it is about the same size as the old one, it should display on just about anything that can handle background images and PNGs (which is most everything, nowadays, if you don't know what that means)! I've finally finished updating my Liturgical Services directory; with the addition of the Small Paraklesis, it is fully up to date—this part of my update is also in honor of New Kidron's National Liturgical Festival, which was last Sunday. I've been [once again] re-working my Programs metadata pages; check out the new format, and the new pages, if you're interested. And, I've made the decision that it is finally time to open up most of my Acquisitions directory. It has been one of those projects that has taken a lot of time and fact-finding, but is now paying off in terms of my communion with you: you can now learn about a bunch of what I own and use!

No giant update would be complete without lots of less-noticeable changes, too. In that category, I can put changes to my Main (.css) file (though, with my new picture, I think some of those changes might not be so inconspicuous!), a brand-new (.htaccess) file (which might be fun to look at if you're into computers), a new 404 error page if you try to go somewhere that doesn't exist (I hope you don't have to see that one under those circumstances!), and an even more streamlined interface for alternative (e.g., text-based) browsers. As always, I hope the new content and changes I've made will be a source of communion—and a starting point for even greater communion—between us. May God continue to bless you!

April 28, 2013 (Sunday): Palm Sunday/Feast of Creation/National Day (New Kidron)

A joyous feast to all! In honor of the anniversary of the founding of New Kidron and all of the coinciding feasts, it is time for another update! This one is more subtle: I streamlined more of the recent features I'd added, fixed some issues, and updated a large number of pages. One of my main focuses was getting my Programs directories to be even more intuitive; it now is, plus every single page in the Audio and Fonts directories is now publicly released! I've added a few more recipes, too: Black Pepper Hummus and Broccamole. And I almost forgot to mention that I typed out another song interpretation: Flo Rida: Right Round f. Kesha (.mp3); check it out if you're interested!

January 1, 2013 (Tuesday): New Year

Blessed new year! I wasn't expecting to post another update so quickly, but God had other plans for me, so here it is! I've had enough time to go through almost every single page on JBT.name and fix and/or upgrade something. For instance, on most of my pages, I updated the metadata information so that it is accurate down to the day (as opposed to just the month). On my Sitemap and all the indexes, I added a new feature: the Size Indicator; now it should be much easier to estimate how large a page is before you actually visit it! I'm also ready with some new images: a new photo of me (Joseph with Greg Fishel), icons of two of my patron saints (St. Jeremiah the Prophet (.png) and St. Joseph of Damascus (.jpg)) , and finally, after years of hiding in my archives, the original New Kidronite Flag 2008 (.pspimage) and Flag 2008 (.jpg)—every single flag and seal I've made for New Kidron are now online!


December 25, 2012 (Tuesday): The Nativity of Christ

Christ Is Born! Just like last year, I have lots of new and updated content as a Christmas present for you. But first, some exciting numbers. With this new update, I am adding 60 HTML pages; that doesn't include images, files, etc. This brings the total number of HTML pages on JBT.name to 225, again not counting other content! While that is a lot to maintain and I've been away from New Kidron more and more on business, I'm not planning on slowing down any more than I have to. So, I want to thank you for checking back again and again; JBT.name is indeed growing, and I hope this allows you to get to know me better!

And now, the content itself. As for notable updates, I've added more stuff to a few of my Support pages, enhanced the Favicon, and finally opened a few pages in my Programs directories. And all of my bookmarks that I've been working to sync? Done! Now, 100% of the links that are in my main bookmarks folders on my computer are perfectly matched in the Link Pages. And as for completely new content, check out my new Places Around the World directory; I have well over 20 new images, mostly of St. Seraphim's Sanctuary. Or consider revisiting my reorganized New Kidron directory; I have a few photos of New Kidron (at last!), more information on and pictures of historical flags and seals, plus the brand new Flag 2012 (.pspimage) and Seal 2012 (.pspimage) and their browser-friendly counterparts—Flag 2012 (.png) and Seal 2012 (.png)!

September 1, 2012 (Saturday): Church New Year

Just in time for the Church's new year, I've got tons of new and updated stuff! The new stuff first, this time: a new recipe (Rainbow Macaroni), a newly-released plan for the flora in New Kidron (New Kidron Biological Plan), a new song interpretation (Sixpence None the Richer: There She Goes (.mp3)), a newly-released list of all my music (Master Audio List (.ods)), a newly-discovered picture of me (Jeremiah in a Work Crew), and my brand new profile (Profile)! And those are just the new things I'm going to tell you about here!

Now, as usual, I've been putting a lot of work into updates, too. The biggest change, one that smartphone users may immediately notice, is a fix I've finally implemented so that my page displays better and reads even easier on the newest devices. (It's quite the war really: [competent] web developers make things work, the rest of the web "developers" break things, device manufacturers change how their devices behave to try to fix the problems but end up causing problems for the proper code, etc. But I digress.) I've also been rethinking how I do my Link Pages to some degree. In the process, I've created quite a few more of them, closed an old one or two, and generally streamlined things better; I'd say I'm now 90% of the way to having my bookmarks match the links on my website! And, for those of you that were waiting for me to finish getting rid of my old Purpose sections: done. It's all finished now!

July 10, 2012 (Tuesday): 1st Anniversary of JBT.name/World Missions Day (New Kidron)

Lots of tweaks—and brand new content!—are in store for the first anniversary of JBT.name! To a few of the tweaks first: I have deprecated the Purpose section—it's just too awkward—and am putting this information in the Description section of each page; I've finished about half of all pages so far. Next, I've tuned my rating system for songs and have provided links to the lyrics for all of them that are interpreted and/or rated, making it easier to understand what I'm talking about, I hope! I've made improvements to some of the Link Pages. I've updated my Green Book. And, I've changed the way I organize my Programs directories, and updated their contents. No, I still don't have any of the files or pages opened yet, but this system solves a lot of nightmarish logistical issues and finally paves the way for that. Just don't, however, expect that road to be traveled very soon!

But I can't leave it at tweaks. As part of reorganizing my Programs directories, the Games directory is finally viewable—all of you that play computer games can finally take a peek into that realm of my world! And if you don't play games, then you may be interested in the new recipe I added—Macaroni and Cheese—after carefully preparing for it, measuring, weighing, timing, and documenting the whole process. And, last but not least, the new content I am most excited about myself: with much assistance (and prodding) from God, my third song interpretation is finally done! So, don't forget to check out my thoughts on Chumbawamba: Tubthumping (.mp3)!

April 8, 2012 (Sunday): Palm Sunday/Feast of Creation/National Day (New Kidron)

In anticipation of the anniversary of the founding of New Kidron, I've been saving up some of my work in order to release it this day as part of the celebration. In terms of new features, I've been sprucing up the index pages with more subtitles for easier navigation. I've created a rating system for all of the songs I'm reviewing. And, I've added more links to some of my link pages—I think I'm about halfway to having my public bookmarks and link pages completely match up! I also have some new content. For instance, my second song interpretation is done: Kelly Clarkson: My Life Would Suck Without You (.mp3). The last major item of note is in my Library: Nutrition directory, where I've added my first recipe, for Fruit and Nut Oatmeal Cookies.

February 5, 2012 (Sunday): Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee

I've been doing a lot more "tweaking" (as opposed to "pure" content creation) lately and have reorganized the Video directory: it is now divided up into Video: Cinematics, Video: Education, Video: Other, and Video: Theology and Purification. These directories are also viewable now, so you can see all of the movies I own, which, granted, is not many. I've also clarified the names of a few directories: Library: Liturgical Services, Audio: Liturgical Music, and Audio: Mainstream Music. One of the biggest changes, however, is how I am now naming pages describing files. Instead of calling a page describing the image "x.png" by the name "x_png.html", it will be called "x.png.html"; this rule applies similarly to all file types, of course. I do apologize in advance if this breaks any bookmarks or links to my site; nevertheless, this makes coding a lot easier on my end and, I believe, will make my system as a whole more intuitive and more stable further into the future.

All of this is not to say that I haven't been working on new stuff, though! I have the "shells" of a number of new directories in place, for one. Second, I have made a lot more progress on syncing up my browser's main bookmarks with my Link Page, as promised; if you haven't seen it in a while, take a look! Third, I have taken this to a whole new level by adding link pages for many other directories, too; now it is possible for you to see even more of the sites I have bookmarked locally. And finally, I have a new directory active: Library: Acquisitions. Right now, only my Wishlist (previously located in Library: About Me) is viewable, but I have made an immense effort to begin cataloguing some of my current physical possessions, too; this, when finished, will provide you with an ever-fuller picture of me.


December 25, 2011 (Sunday): The Nativity of Christ

This is another big update; I've been working on a lot since September and have quite the Christmas present for you! Let me get to some of the new directories and pages before I talk about the changes. I've added the following new directories: Library: Orthodoxy, Audio: Mainstream Music, Programs: Audio, Programs: Network, Programs: Other, Programs: Utilities, and Programs: Windows. And here are just some of the new pages I added, without even getting to all the akathists I've put up: History of New Kidron, Conventions, Printing from JBT.name, and Technical Information.

And now for some of the biggest changes: first, I've redesigned the CSS and page layout so that JBT.name looks better (especially by making better use of whitespace), works more completely on older browsers, and looks amazing when viewed in a small browser window, on a handheld device, or on a printed page! Much of the work was "under the hood", so to speak, but I hope the improvements will help you. And second, I streamlined and expanded the way I handle metadata about documents and files, so it should be much easier for you to interact with and know me.

September 3, 2011 (Saturday)

After returning from an almost two-month long trip to the US, I've gotten some time to make a few more directories partly or fully available: Library: Games, Library: Green Book, Library: New Kidron Information Booklet, Library: War, and Images: Personal.

July 10, 2011 (Sunday): GRAND OPENING on World Missions Day (New Kidron)

Coinciding with World Missions Day in New Kidron, today was the grand opening and launch celebration of JBT.name. Throughout the day, many sections were brought online, including the Library directories Library: About Me, Library: Biology, Library: Nutrition, Library: Other, and Library: Policy Statements. Also released were two classic images in the Images: New Kidron directory. And finally, the biggest release of the celebration is the Websites directory, now online and containing the entire old NewKidron.NET website in multipe formats, as promised. There is still much more to do, as JBT.name is meant to be an ongoing project, but I believe the grand opening has gone very well. Thanks be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: JBT.name is a reality!

June 26, 2011 (Sunday): All Saints of North America/National Liturgical Fesival (New Kidron)

In honor of the National Liturgical Festival, I've added the Daily Prayers I use. And, for the first time, I have released two documents publicly: a National Prayer of the Kingdom of New Kidron and a New Kidronite Dismissal.

June 12, 2011 (Sunday): Pentecost

In honor of Pentecost, I've added a few more directories—with Orthodox Christian iconographic themes—before the main launch celebration. The Images: Backgrounds and Images: Icons directories are now public!

June 10, 2011 (Friday): PRE-RELEASE!

Today I have pre-released the first portions of JBT.name! As of today, the entire Support directory is active, as well as most of the Images: Style, Video: Other, and Root directories. Much more is on the way; the "grand opening" is scheduled for July 10, 2011!

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