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Introduction to JBT.name

Welcome to JBT.name! Before I go further, I should introduce myself more properly. Those in the Kingdom of New Kidron might address me as "Joseph Barabbas Theophorus". Those in the United States of America might call me "Jeremiah Bryce Thomas". Those online may refer to me as "Bizzlebin". And those aren't the only names I'm known by! But you can call me whatever you like; I have settled on using the initials "JBT" on many parts of my website (such as the web address and main title) to simplify things considerably.

What is JBT.name?

JBT.name is a website. But, to be more specific, it is a website where you can commune with me. Almost every website on the internet today tries to sell you something. Some websites may even try to teach you something. But, while you may indeed learn a lot, my primary purpose is not to give value to things and ideas, which are valueless without the person(s) behind them. Rather, my aim is to allow you to know me more deeply: as a human person. Yet this is bigger than just me, because through me, you can also come to know other persons. JBT.name is simply a means to that most important end: communion between persons.

What is on JBT.name?

With some exceptions, what is on my own computers is on JBT.name. This website is essentially an online version of and a "wrapper" for my files: the same directories you see here are really on my computer, structured exactly the same way; that's why there is so much stuff! Because of this, you'll get a pretty broad picture of who I am. For instance, you'll be able to see what movies I own, what music I listen to, what books and topics I find interesting, and have access to some of the knowledge I have accumulated on various subjects. You'll also be able to see my thoughts and ideas about the things I watch, listen to, and study. But again, this is only the framework, the shell by which I can commune with you. What I have and have written may be interesting, but what is most valuable is the communion that can take place between us—and already is, if you are reading this page.

This is probably not the sort of introduction you expect from a website, but this is not like other websites. Selling something is easy, impersonal. Communing with someone is hard, even dangerous. Two people can disagree, become frustrated with each other, even fight. Those are risks in a relationship, whether it exists physically, digitally, or both. But even riskier and more dangerous is the choice to not love, to be isolated from another person. And so I should caution you: be careful. It is very, very unlikely that you will find everything about me or my website agreeable. I have material here I wrote years ago (and probably would not write today), and I have material here written "today" (which I probably would not write tomorrow). Much of the material here is in "draft" form, being updated, changed, and revised. Chances are that you will be seriously offended by something. Due to the nature of a website, I cannot guide each person to the pages and information I think would best facilitate our communion. So you will have to do that for me. You will have to be careful about what you read and where you go. And when you are offended, I hope you have the patience with me to continue on and find some other way to interact with me, whether you simply go to another page or feel compelled to talk something over in an e-mail.

Where Do I Go from Here?

If you've read this far and have already familiarized yourself with the Legal Disclaimers and Public Domain Notice, you are probably ready to proceed.

If you want me to teach you how my site is organized and how to get from from page to page, you should read Navigating JBT.name; if you're not sure where to go, this is where I'd recommend you stop next. If you have some other question or concern you'd like me to answer, you can view the Support Index; I've addressed many common topics relating to the design, purpose, and usage of JBT.name in much greater detail there. Finally, if you still cannot find a satisfactory explanation, please go to my Contact JBT page and send me an e-mail; I'd be happy to hear from you and do what I can to help!

As always, I look forward to communion with you; may the Holy Trinity bless you and your time here!

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