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Technical Information

Markup and Style Sheet Languages

The primary languages that I use on JBT.name are HTML 5 and CSS 3. I have carefully chosen which tags and rules to use in order to remain backwards compatible with older and/or faulty browsers, with high levels of compatibility as far back as Internet Explorer 4 (IE4)—this includes nearly full support for the infamous Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)—and graceful degradation all the way down to viewing a page with no CSS at all. I have tried to do this with the simplest methods and the shortest amount of code possible.

Responsive Design

In addition to being compatible with many different browsers, I designed JBT.name to respond to different screen sizes; this functionality is provided by CSS media queries. For example, when viewed on a screen (or through a window) which is less than 690px wide, the Quick Links box will automatically relocate itself to the bottom of the page, the page border will shrink, and so on. At under 490px, JBT.name will adapt itself again: most of the whitespace will collapse, tables will restack themselves into only one column, and so on. This ensures that, beyond just viewability, my website will retain usability under many diverse scenarios.


Wherever I can, I use UTF-8 (UCS Transformation Format—8-bit). This encoding provides the fullness of the Unicode character set while maintaining compatibility with the older ASCII encoding.

File Types

This is an alphabetical list of all the file types you may see on JBT.name. File types in green text may be publicly viewable/downloadable, with the three in green, bold text being the most important based on overall usage on and necessity for proper viewing of my website. Those in red text are not currently available for public use/download.

In addition to the file types listed above, there are some file types that are only found on my archived Websites (which behave as separate websites from JBT.name).

As a general rule, only programs that I make are publicly viewable/downloadable, regardless of the file type; this is because of all the copyright/left craziness as well as my own bandwidth. I am more flexible with other classes of files (e.g., documents, images).

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