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Contact JBT

Have a question about me or JBT.name? Have a comment about something? Notice a problem or issue with the coding, functionality, or content? Just want to talk? Please feel free to contact me!

In Person

If you live in or near the Kingdom of New Kidron, you probably already know that I am usually able to take guests. Stop by Fortress Kedar at any time and ring the bell; if I am able to visit with you, I will be happy to give you a few minutes of my time. Please set up a meeting in advance if you need to talk for an extended period or want to be sure I am not traveling abroad on business.

Via E-Mail

E-mail is the most convenient way for people from outside New Kidron to get in contact with me. I would like to give you a thoughtful response, so forgive me in advance if I do not get back to you immediately!

My public e-mail address:

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