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The file main.css is the primary style sheet for JBT.name, meaning that it adds styling to my web pages. For instance, background colors, font sizes, and page layout all are at least partly controlled by this stylesheet, which makes editing my website much easier: instead of changing a font size or color on each page individually, I can make a change in the CSS file and have it affect all the pages on my website at once. This file is primarily of interest to visitors who are familiar with web development.

I should distinguish my use of CSS as a modular programming technique from acceptance of the idea of "separation of presentation and content". The latter is not programming, but bad philosophy masquerading as programming. In reality, separation of presentation and content is impossible, because the content is the presentation and the presentation is the content. To take a common example of text and it's color, it may be tempting for those who adhere to such philosophy to categorize the coloration as presentation and the text itself as the content. But what is the text if not a form of presentation for the words it represents? And what are the words if not a presentation of their underlying ideas? And this can continue on, ad infinitum. Likewise, the color of the text can be content: it can contain as much, if not more, meaning than the letters themselves, if the author and/or reader so choose. Without delving into even more angles of examination, I will just reiterate my position again: CSS is a great tool for adding modularity to HTML, for making widespread changes quickly, but I do not believe in the separation of presentation and content.

Note that my CSS file, like most of the rest of JBT.name, is encoded in UTF-8; some browsers and/or programs may display certain characters incorrectly.


I started work on this CSS file at the very beginning of my work on JBT.name, which was back in September, 2010. Since then, I have modified it countless times, in some cases very significantly. The most recent major revision took place in July, 2014.

I created this metadata on June 8, 2011 and last modified it on January 19, 2015.

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