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Property Data
Name .htaccess
Type Hypertext Access (HTACCESS)
Size 1.28 KiB
Encoding UTF-8


The file .htaccess controls server functions for JBT.name. For example, if you incorrectly typed in a URL for a page on my website, you might get redirected to the 404 error page; .htaccess is the file that makes such a redirection possible. Because of its technical nature, this file is primarily of interest to visitors who are familiar with web development.

Note that my HTACCESS file, like most of the rest of JBT.name, is encoded in UTF-8; some browsers and/or programs may display certain characters incorrectly.


I created this .htacces file on June 30, 2013, long after the launch of JBT.name—better late than never, I guess! The last major modification was at the beginning of July, 2013.

I created this metadata on July 8, 2013 and last modified it on July 10, 2015.

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