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The MustardBurger is not just one single recipe for a burger, but a way of creating hamburgers. It started when I was young and noticed the vast difference in quality from one burger to the next and in certain toppings' suitability for this kind of dish. Later on, I noticed that not only do the toppings make a big difference, but also where they're located relative to the meat! After some more experimentation, the MustardBurger was born!

What makes a MustardBurger a MustardBurger? A LOT of good yellow mustard (I highly recommend French's)—below the meat, of course! But there is more: a lot of onion (I recommend diced red onion, also below the meat), a high quality bun, and high quality meat (usually cooked "Medium"). Everything else is optional. I should mention that all other toppings I've tried work better on top of the meat; this order is part of the MustardBurger standard.

The Original MustardBurger

  1. Top Bun
  2. Meat: Cooked to "Medium", seasoned with salt and pepper
  3. Mustard: A LOT of French's
  4. Onion: A LOT of diced red onion
  5. Bottom Bun

Topping Options

Toppings at the top of this list should be higher up on the MustardBurger, and vise versa; the order may change slightly as I do more testing. All of them should be placed above the meat.

Other Options


As burgers are such a popular food in North America, their construction has always intrigued me. For many years, I was so turned off by some of the common methods and low quality that I would only eat hamburgers by themselves (even without a bun), covered only in salt. So, I have been working on my own system for making them. Because of the centrality of mustard to the flavor and juicyness of a burger, I decided to name my creation the MustardBurger. This page is now the central location for my findings and work on the MustardBurger.


I realized the centrality of mustard, onions, and topping order to a burger in 2011 or 2012 and started work on a file for my new system, "MustardBurger.txt", on July 20, 2012. I last modified the old file on January 12, 2013 and then transferred that data over to this page on August 26, 2013. I haven't modified it since then.

I should make a special note that, since naming my system the MustardBurger, I have become aware of a burger restaurant in Kuwait called "Mustard Burger", which a space in the name. I am not connected with them in any way and, as far as I know, we came up with our names separately from each other, even though it was almost at the exact same time.

I created and last modified this metadata on August 26, 2013.

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