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This ODT file contains a copy of The Gospel of Thomas, a short Gospel containing some of the more mystical sayings of Jesus Christ. This Gospel is written in different style than the Gospels of Ss. Matthew, Mark, and Luke and is even more mystical than The Gospel of St. John. Because of this, it provides one more paradigm with which I can understand the unchanging message of Christ. St. Thomas also happens to be my family's patron saint, so this text holds extra meaning for me. I've had a copy of this Gospel since the late 2000s.

Because there may be some confusion stemming from the similarities of the name of this Gospel and another, heterodox one, I should state unequivocally that this is not the condemned Infancy Gospel of Thomas, but a completely different book entirely, one with a very Orthodox interpretation. A case could be made that this Gospel is harder to understand than the others, but I do not think this is true. It is different, but not more difficult; you can notice this by looking at how many tens of thousands of denominations and the even more multitudinous interpretations that come from misunderstanding the four "canonical" Gospels of Ss. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John!


The Gospel of Thomas states that is was written by St. Thomas,[2] one of the Twelve Apostles. While the Gospel itself is certainly in the public domain, I do not know who made this translation or what its copyright/left status is.

I created this metadata on September 30, 2011 and last modified it on August 23, 2013.


  1. 1. This is the original source of my file, though it is in a different format.
  2. 2. I'm going to use the traditional attribution for the sake of convenience. Regardless of which person did or did not physically pen the text, the truths contained therein are still valuable.

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