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This ODT file contains a copy of Men and Church, a short compilation of quotes—both humorous and serious—about why men are so attracted to the Orthodox faith. I keep it around for men who are interested in Orthodoxy or dissatisfied with the "Christianity" they are familiar with. While Frederica Mathewes-Green is hardly trying to produce a theological treatise here, she gives an inspiring look at what masculinity can be in the Church. I'd read this a number of times in the mid 2000s but only downloaded a copy in the late 2000s.


Men and Church was writen by Frederica Mathewes-Green in 2007. The copyright/left status of this essay is somewhat ambiguous, according to the mirror.

I created this metadata on September 30, 2011 and last modified it on August 23, 2013.


  1. 1. This is the original source of my file, though it is in a different format.

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