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This PDF file contains a foldable pocket guide to help you select seafood based on a number of factors: nutrition, contamination, and damage to the species/environment. This is helpful because fish are quite popular in New Kidron and can be a very healthy option. However, more than a few fish species are not safe to eat due to contamination. Therefore, this PDF is one way I can help safeguard the physical health of New Kidronites. And, thankfully, a lot of the more common New Kidronite fare (such as salmon, tuna, tilapia, catfish, shrimp, and oysters) is given a very favorable assessment, as long as it comes from the proper source. I downloaded this file in, I believe, July, 2011.


This PDF was created by employees at the Environmental Defense Fund and is copyrighted June, 2011.

I created this metadata on October 1, 2011 and last modified it on July 10, 2014.


  1. In addition to this document, the EDF also a much larger, online seafood selector at http://seafood.edf.org/.

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