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Old Mission Statement


In order to clarify and preserve its mission in this world, the Kingdom of New Kidron establishes these principles:


The chief duty of the Kingdom of New Kidron is to love the Trinity with all one's heart, soul, mind, and strength. All other goals must be tested against this and nothing may take place without this as its primary aim. The Kingdom of New Kidron shall always remain a part of the Kingdom of God: His Holy Body, the Orthodox Church.


The Kingdom of New Kidron loves its neighbors as itself and serves mankind both through its vision of God and its non-judgment of others. While the world continues to condemn and to create paradigms with which to limit God, the Kingdom rises above this, forgiving all things and seeing God with a pure nous. New Kidron serves as a refuge for those who have been condemned for exercising their freedom in Christ as well as for anyone who wishes to serve God in whatever ways they are able.


As all creation bears witness to the Trinity, the Kingdom of New Kidron embraces all of creation and uniquely uses it to reveal God to the world. The universe is to be ruled over with power, wisdom, and courage, being transfigured and restored just as humanity is transfigured and restored in Christ. The Kingdom uses every means to continually create a great icon of the Trinity, ensuring that all things clearly point to their source in God and reflect His light throughout the entire world.


(Joseph Barabbas Theophorus)

Joseph Barabbas Theophorus
Prince of the Kingdom of New Kidron
Leader of the Rangers of the Heart
Servant of the Most Holy Trinity


This is the old mission statement from the First Age of New Kidron. I keep it around so that I can show people both the goodness in my intention and the depersonalization that strangled my efforts.[1] I do not use this in any "official" way now, but it provides historical and theological context to what I tried to do and what I am doing now in New Kidron.[2] It still serves as a great, and stark, contrast to the objectives of almost every other nation, corporation (for-profit or otherwise), organization (even supposed "Christian" ones), or informal group in existence.


I finished this mission statement and ceremonially adopted it for New Kidron on September 5, 2009. This is its original form; in the printed original, though, the parentheses are removed from the first instance of my name and replaced with my actual, hand-written signature.

I created this metadata on October 1, 2011 and last modified it on January 7, 2013.


  1. 1. See my policy statement Personhood vs. Nationhood.
  2. 2. For more information about these things, see my Intoduction to New Kidron and History of New Kidron.

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