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New Kidronite Feasts

  1. Feast of Creation: Founding of the Kingdom of New Kidron and Establishment of the Rangers
  2. Pentecost: Establishment of the Pathfinders
  3. All Saints Sunday: Growth Day
  4. Ss. Peter and Paul Fast: Prophecy Reflection Time
  5. All Saints of North America: National Liturgical Festival
  6. June 10: Warrior Day
  7. July 4: National Security Day and Establishment of the Knights
  8. July 10: World Missions Day
  9. 1st Sunday in September: Donumism Day
  10. 1st Thursday in November: Thanksgiving Day


These feasts are special celebrations that I created specifically for the people of New Kidron. They are in addition to the normal liturgical calendar of the institutional Orthodox Church, but serve the same purpose: to glorify God, uniting persons' energies toward a corresponding Divine Energy or in some work with a godly purpose. Many of the feasts have a distinctly New Kidronite theme; all of them have a special New Kidronite meaning. Of course, as I do not believe in legalism, no one is "automatically bound" to observe them. Similarly, anyone outside New Kidron is free to observe them, too, if the person thinks that observing some or all of the feasts will be spiritually beneficial.


This document was part of the old OIB and even predates the OIB (it used to be called "Important Dates" and included special commemorations for days of the month, too). While I had devised some of the feasts and observed them before I began to keep a list of them, this list itself dates back to 2009. I have made significant changes to the content since then, such as removing the commemorations based on the day of the month. The last time I added a feast was in September, 2010; I believe Thanksgiving was the one I was appending to the list.

I created this metadata on July 27, 2011 and last modified it on January 1, 2013.

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